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Experience luxury and pure bliss with a personalized massage, relaxing music, a heated table, peppermint essential oil added to the face rest, a warm neck towel, eye pillow,  and will end with a heated damp towel to the feet that is pure heaven. 

Licensed Massage Therapist

"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream"


Alaina Green

Massage Therapist

Alaina was trained at The Utah College of Massage Therapy where she learned several different massage modalities, her favorites being Trigger-point Therapy and Structural Body Work. She graduated in December of 2005 then moved back to Kansas. She worked at an amazing Spa for a number of years, taught Anatomy and Ethics at The Kansas College of Chinese Medicine and is also a busy mom. She is licensed to practice in Kansas and is dedicated to helping others get their body back on track so they can feel like themselves again. Her passion is teaching others about their bodies and helping them unlearn chronic holding patterns so they can move with ease.