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The Benefits of Massage

When it comes to our bodies, if something is off, it doesn't just affect that area, but the whole. When one part of our body is suffering it can radiate to other parts of our body causing more pain and discomfort. That is why focusing on the whole structure is important to ensure that you leave feeling better balanced and more relaxed.

Hot Stone Therapy

Adding hot stones to massage is a great way to increase blood flow, warming up the muscle to allow for a deeper relaxation and for an overall blissful experience. 

Aroma Therapy

essential oils are a great way to add relaxation to your massage. Their properties are therapeutic and can be healing and enhance our feelings of well-being. 

Prenatal Massage

Expecting a baby can be hard. Many pregnant women feel tired, can't move like they used to and some women retain water which makes moving a challenge. Prenatal massage can help alleviate swelling, increase circulation, and helps reduce those aches and pains that make it hard to sleep at night. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue work is a great way to get the fascia (tissue that surrounds each muscle which allows them to move) to lengthen and work out the areas that are stuck. When our muscles are stressed, or when the fascia is stuck it can make life miserable. Allowing deep work into the muscle, we are inviting our body to heal and change back to where it belongs. When one area of the body is off, it can throw other areas off as well. Bodywork maintenance is essential for optimal health and movement. 

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Therapeutic massage uses both light and firm pressure to help relax the muscle using different techniques and modalities to get amazing results. Add aroma therapy for an even more relaxing experience. 

45 min..... $65

60 min..... $80

75 min..... $95

90 min..... $110

Deep tissue is a manipulation of the muscle to release stress knots and stuck fascia. Trigger-point therapy and Structural Bodywork are used which allows the facia to be warmed and manipulated to allow the muscle to move more freely, increasing range of motion. 

60 min..... $100

75 min..... $105

90 min..... $130

Hot stones are like the icing on the cake. They add the perfect amount of heat to help you relax even more to lengthen and loosen the fascia surrounding the muscle tissue.

90 min.....$150   

*Choose between a hand, foot or scalp treatment*    


Chair Massage



Need a quick pick me up without feeling rushed? Relax and allow me to work out the knots on the chair.

15 min.....$35

25 min.....$45

30 min.....$50

Theragun add-on $15

Comfort for mom is top priority. As an expecting mother, comfort is really hard to achieve. Massage for mom helps increase blood flow to the mom and to baby. Relax and enjoy a full body massage designed just for you. 

75 min.....$85

Scalp Treatment ............$20

Dry Brushing .................$20

Foot/Hand Treatment......$15

Hot Stone add................$25



Policy and Procedures

1. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy. There are no sexual favors of any kind and any talk referencing to it will end the massage. If There are any advances in that direction, the massage will end immediately and payment in full is required. Please be respectful. 

2. Hygiene. Please shower before your massage. It is proper etiquette and shows respect to the therapist. I have the right to end the session and payment in full is required upon termination. 

3. I have the right to refuse anyone. If there is an issue with safety, I have the right to refuse to give you a massage.  

4. Arrive early at least 5 minutes. Arriving early ensures you will receive the full allotted time of your massage. If you arrive late, the massage will end at the time it was intended to end. 

5. Client Intake form. Every new client will fill out an intake form. Refusing to do so will end the session scheduled and payment in full is required. Filling out the form informs the therapist of existing conditions that may be contraindications and is for the safety of the client. Any information taken is confidential and will not be sold or released to a third party. 

6. Cancellations. If you need to cancel please do so 24 hours in advance so the slot can be filled in a timely manner. Not doing so requires payment in full. If you need to reschedule, please give a 24 hour notice. 

Appointments can be made by phone, text, or email. To cancel your appointment please call 24 hrs ahead of time so slot can be filled. Space and time is limited.